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Black Heaven Movie In Hindi Hd Free Download

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a5c7b9f00b Hard Rock Saves Space!! Life can crush your dreams. Oji is a middle-management drone whose only grip on sanity in the drudgery of his corporate lifestyle, are the few shreds of hope surrounding his past life as the amazing guitarist of Black Heaven, a heavy metal band that almost made it. In his bleakest moment, the magic of performing is restored to him when a beautiful mysterious woman informs him that only his special sound can save the universe from an evil alien invasion.
Oji Tanaka&#39;s life sucks. He hates his job, his wife has just thrown away his most prized guitar and his son is using his old records as Frisbees. It all changes when Layla steps into his life. She asks him to take her into heaven. A loaded comment when you consider her figures, but it turns out she&#39;s an alien that needs him to play music to win an intergalactic war.<br/><br/>I first saw this series on Bandai&#39;s Wanted 2000 trailers disc and was curious; due to the visuals (strange opening sequence) and the great song playing. The series itself is funny and has a lot of heart. Through everything that happens, Oji finds himself again and has a different outlook on life.
I really liked the music on this anime, it does give you nostalgia and just wants to make you dance all night lol! What I liked about this anime as well, it&#39;s based off an ordinary married guy who was a guitar rocker back in the day and like when he teamed up with the blond bombshell Yuki, boy I knew well we were in for some serious ride lol! <br/><br/>Even though you&#39;d know the ending was predictable that Oji&#39;s band were finally back together and that they saved the world from the other evil musicians from space, I honestly didn&#39;t expect he and Yuki would kiss. Although he did say he&#39;ll be back with the wife regardless if she divorced him. I was kinda dissapointed because he was always upset at the wife for throwing out his old electric guitars without even asking him and like Yuki was always helping him out if he needed stuff to do. I know he has a son but he wasn&#39;t happy with the wife in my personal opinon! Anyways I&#39;ll let the writers decide on their opinions of the ending lol!<br/><br/>Again for this anime, I really loved the rock music and the fact that it is from 1999, makes you feel really old when you were only around 4-5 years old then lol! I know I watched a good number of anime but this particular one stood me more with nostalgia. I&#39;ll give this anime an 8/10!

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